Client Diaries: Couple Finds Happiness After Counseling and Healing

I’m a white witch, and I’ve been practicing Wicca (white witchcraft) since I remember in this life. A few months ago, I was contacted by a woman who was in desperate need of help. Her relationship was on the brink of disaster, and she didn’t know what to do. She had tried counseling, but it wasn’t helping. Her marriage was at their wit’s end.

I agreed to help her, and we began working together. I used my witchcraft to heal their relationship, and I also provided counseling.

So, there was a case of my client Abhilasha (name changed for privacy reasons) who found herself in the midst of a failing relationship. She loved her partner deeply, but their arguments were becoming increasingly explosive. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t seem to fix things between them. Finally, she came to me seeking help.

After listening to her in detail I agreed to help Abhilasha with her relationship but warned her that it would not be easy. She was prepared for the challenge and was willing to do whatever it took to make things right with her partner. 

Here I would like to mention that it is very much necessary to have a strong belief in healings and your healer to get the best results of energy work. Like its said magick is only real if you believe in it. Your strong belief in healing and being ready to do the work is required for the process of healing and magick to be successful. Abhilasha had both of these things, which is what allowed her to find the happiness she was searching for.

For months, I worked with Abhilasha to repair her relationship. I used healings and counseling sessions combined with some white magick rituals to help her open up communication with her partner and to resolve past issues. Eventually, Abhilasha was able to forgive her partner for his harsh behavior and to work through his negative emotions. She could also work on herself and healed her inner issues which were creating arguments and disharmony in the marriage. She was able to accept him for the person he is and to be happy with the life they share. The results of healings and white magick rituals were amazing. She was able to save her relationship, and now she and her husband are happier than they have ever been.

This is a recent case I worked on which is an example of how magick can help us overcome our personal issues and create a better future for ourselves.

Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Mind , Body & Soul Doctor

Psychic Medium, Paranormal Expert, Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Relationship Healer, Wiccan Spell Caster


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Spiritual wellness provides a sense of purpose and connecting with inner self. Due to the pandemic, the world is crumpling down, and there is an uproar everywhere. From outside, people are struggling with the deadly Corona virus and within they are fighting with stress, depression and anxiety. Though these uncertain times shall pass, but the impact these stress and anxiety will be severe. People are experiencing quarantine and social distancing, working from home, losing a job, losing our livelihood, caring for sick family members, not able to visit parks and gyms, and being estranged from our community, this new normal is taking its toll on our health and well-being. With all these there’s another dimension of health that we need to consider. There are more facets to health than just our physical or emotional state, and these harsh times and stopping us to see beyond these facets. That other dimension also known as spiritual health that is a sense of purpose. We need to work towards strengthening our spiritual wellbeing

Below are some tips to help build your spiritual life:

  1. Don’t waste time, do something productive – This time we need not to waste time sitting idle. It is important that we utilize the time by doing something productive and to think about our lives and how we might do things differently. An idle mind could lead to anxiety and depression. Investing time in doing something can enhance your spiritual energy.
  • Try to live out a contented spiritual life – Pre-Covid our life was busy with multiple activities. We humans are social being by nature, so this time of social distancing is like a new phase for us. This time can be utilized by building the spiritual life and filling the void of loneliness. You need to focus at things that bring a sense of fulfilment and makes you happy. Don’t do activities for the sake of passing the time. Indulge in something that makes you happy.
  • Consider this time as an opportunity, not challenge – These are testing times filled with stress, anxiety. But one needs to be optimistic. Always see the glass half full than the other way round. Sometimes changes are meant for something good. Look at it in this way that changes are training us for the coming time so that we can be strong enough to fight back. Therefore always see the opportunities amidst challenges
  • Try to be good for someone – Small act of yours can matter a lot to someone. Every drop of water makes an ocean. If you can afford to donate some money please do it, maybe someone in need can benefit from it. Even a small gesture like helping people in looking out for oxygen or hospital bed means a lot to the person in need.
  • Stay focused on the spiritual disciples – We are all staying at home, juggling with various task, like household chores, professional life etc. Amidst this take some time to maintain your spiritual disciplines by doing prayers and meditation. Taking some time alone for meditation and praying will help you connect with the Almighty. There are so many people struggling to make the end meets. If you are sitting safe at home and managed to survive every passing day, then thank him for these blessings.

Blessed be

Madhu Kotiya

High Priestess at Shezaim Temple

Client Diaries: Obsession – Cast me a spell.

Today I would like to talk about those people who come to me seeking spell casting for different purposes. I strongly believe spells should be casted as our last choice, if all have failed and something is crucial for manifestation. But I keep getting inquiries about casting spells, specially love spells. People usually do not know the difference between doing white magick where we only create positive things and other magick where you interfere in the free of the other person who is actually not into you. So here is a case of obsession and spell casting.

This lady named Damini ( not the really name) came to me with immense pressure of Marriage on her as she was in late 30s which is very late for marriage as per our Indian Society. I did her Tarot reading and told her that there are self created blocks on Marriage and she needs to work on those if she wants to get married but she was very adamant and non understanding and was not ready to do affirmation, healing or meditation. She kind of wanted immediate solution as if a boy for marriage should somehow pop out. If you are a healer and reading this you will be able to connect how these people become trouble for themselves and us too.

So she went back without agreeing to a solution and then came back again with a list of guys from some matrimony agency and wanted me to make all of them say yes to her by some magick spell… Well I had to make her understand the rule of free will for atleast 10 times again and again but she understood very less. After 2 hours she left my office and despite of the fact that her session ended, she kept on sitting on my reception and tried to peep in every time a new client entered or left. I am a very calm person and do not like to be harsh on anyone but she really made me upset and I told her that I am not meeting her again and she won’t be getting any more appointments with me.

15 days passed and here she was again standing outside my office without any prior appointment, crying to meet me. Now what she wanted was to make one guy marry her without any delay. Well I do cast spell for those who have blockages in marriage. These spells are mostly healing spells where we are not targeting a groom/bride but in general to create all good vibes and attraction in that person. Damini refused to understand the ethics and basics of my work and kept on bothering me for a long time. And I guess that she found a new therapist to trouble so she stopped bothering me. This was a pure case of obsession on spell casting and this really troubled me mentally for quite some time.

We, healers provide services to help, counsel and heal people and mostly do this by leaving our comforts behind and prioritizing others issues. But some people do not understand that we should be given some space as we have a personal life too.

I am writing about this case to remind all those who seek help from psychics, that we have the right to refuse or accept a client and we have the right to decide if we want to cast a spell or not. And then we all have our code of ethics and you should know that before contacting us.

Blessed be

Madhu Kotiya

Client Diaries : Finding a Lost Dog

We Love our pets, our familiars just like our other family members and sometimes even more then them. Your pet is one being who loves you unconditionally and will always accept you the way you are.

As I am connected to many NGO’s and Volunteers connected to animals, i keep getting calls for help for these pets and animals. I try to extend my energy as much as i can to make them at peace and remain happy.

I have been helping people for finding their lost pets and results have been quite good. I am going to talk about my latest success story of a Indie pet dog who got lost near the new home of the owner as he got scared of strays.

They called me to ask for help, i tried connecting with him and saw him near a drain and not very far off from their new home, i informed them the same thing and they found the pet on the same night, i felt so happy and thankful to angels who helped me see where this little soul was lost.

I would like to mention here, being a psychic we can see a lot of things and gather information about your lost buddy but this ability doesn’t work as per anybody’s desire or want, the information flows as and when its the right time, so people who want immediate location should understand that i will be helping them whenever i get the direction and not when they call and need information. So i would appreciate if you all can respect the my ability and have patience so that help can be provided.

I am attaching the small testimonial I received from my client on whatsapp. here



Madhu Kotiya

Mind , Body & Soul Doctor

Psychic Medium, Paranormal Expert, Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Relationship Healer, Wiccan Spell Caster

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Client Diaries: Healing Miracle


Sometimes when nothing works we tend to look towards God, before that we keep saying that we are a non believer and do not follow any sort of religion or spirituality.

Today i am going to talk about one of my client , i will call her Nisha as i wont take the real name of her. She was one of those non believers, who will not look at the healing or praying possibilities to solve a problem or ailment and here she was trying to conceive through IVF since 3 years with number of failures in the process. She was told by all doctors that it was almost impossible for her to conceive normally due to many medical issues she and her husband were facing.

And after so many failures, she was almost giving up when one of her friend asked her to see me. She wasn’t open at all at first but then she agreed to meet me. When i met her, i did see physical problems for conception in her aura, but bigger was in mind. The couple’s belief that they cannot concieve without medical help , was more big a problem.

When we believe in something, we make our energy work like that, i mean, thay were blocking every single chance of normal conception by their thought process. I agree the possibility was very very less but still wasn’t complete no. It took me a couple of counselling sessions to them, to make them understand how manifestation works and how important is positive thinking. Once they were convinced, i started with the Wiccan Healing on the couple and asked them to stop thinking about what will happen and just go with the flow.

As per their doctor they had to wait for 6 months to try another IVF, so I had 6 months to try the healing on them. It was a distance healing as they were living in another city, but we talked on phone at least once in a week. They felt happy as after a long time, they were not in the stress of having a baby , they felt lighter and happier.

And here in the 3rd month of healing Nisha called me to inform that she has Conceived that too normally. It was another mountain moved for me in healing and i was thankful to the divine in making me the medium to help this couple to be parents. Now the kid is almost 2 years, healthy and happy child.

When i look back I get immense happiness and peace seeing these kind of healing miracles happening.

To all my readers, i would like to suggest, please don’t block the possibilities by thinking negative. Miracles do happen, have faith in Divine and in your own self.


PS: I do not ask or suggest any of my client to leave any sort of medication, my healings and prayers can help along with your medical treatment.



Madhu Kotiya

Mind , Body & Soul Doctor

Psychic Medium, Paranormal Expert, Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Relationship Healer, Wiccan Spell Caster

Website: http://www.indiatarot.com

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Client Diaries: Women in love and their weak men


” she always loved the hero in love stories.. In hers.. She became one ! ”
Women in love and their weak men
I am a healer first and that’s my passion that’s the Shaman in me but the Wiccan in me loves to get lovers together.. Women fall in love and they fall deep , most times for them it’s for ever and ever.. Their man becomes the source of all their happiness and women surrender to their love unconditionally and this has always driven me to help them .
I am going to talk of two such remarkable women and their love stories.
Some time back a young woman walked into my office. I could instantly feel her pain and disappointment and I knew that a broken heart had come to me .. I could also decipher that by then she had been to various astrologers, Tarot readers and so called relationship healers .. All had given her a negative feedback but the girl kept looking for help .. She believed in her love and refused to give up , that’s how she found me.
She had been in love with this man for years . He had gone abroad to study and found a job there. The long distance failed to deter the lovers and the man came to India with the intention of marriage, that’s when things  went terribly wrong …the girl’s legal guardians ( she had lost her parents and was taken care of by her Uncle and Aunt) and the boy’s family  got into an ugly spat over the marriage arrangements. The boy felt insulted and believed that the girl did not stand up for him . He decided to call off the marriage and broke up with the girl . He severed all contact with her and went back!
She tried to get in touch with her lover but he was not receptive at all , that’s when she started running pillar to post , getting in touch with all sorts of pandits and energy workers. She got various rituals done but to no good . I had asked her to get a picture of her lover.. I looked at the picture and told her that she is meant to get married to this man and also within ninety days! I absolutely refused to do any ritual for her cause I knew it wasn’t required. Here I want to insist that sometimes unnecessary rituals disturb the existing energy and can have a negative impact. The girl was shaky so i gave her counselling and assured her of her happiness. She called me after a month and a half to tell me the good news of her marriage.. I could see the man was in love but his ego took a beating and he was acting out of that but I could also see that his love will get the better of him eventually.
The second story is basic .. A regular indian man who chose to be in love but lacked the courage to take a stand for that!
When this woman came to me ,I could make out that she was a no nonsense girl ,she decided to be the man in the relationship and do whatever was required to get her lover to face up his parents, who were dead against the match.
This required a lot of work .. This boy was very scared of his parents.. A fear that comes with dependency also he had childhood traumas that had led to his meek personality. I knew he would succumb to pressure and let his love down!
I had to start with healing the boy , to solve his childhood issues and to give him strength to take a stand , i also had to cast various spells to make the situation more conducive for the lovers last but not the least the parents had to be dealt with! Here I would like to mention that the psychic in me could make out that the parents of this boy had no reason to dislike the girl , these were adamant people who felt that their son will be happier with a bride of their choice also they did not approve of the girl’s financial status. I don’t believe that these are reasons to not like the girl, who was an honest and self reliant young woman.
The couple decided to get married secretly and then inform the family. A series of rituals were performed for the boy’s parents to relent and also eventually not pressurize and create situations for a divorce. All the hard work paid dividends..
Both these young women are married to the men they love and are now blessed with children. These brave women and their strength to take pain , fight out odds, forgive their lovers and go beyond the weaknesses of these men and not let go was remarkable. The Wiccan in me is often delighted knowing that in these love stories the women were the true heroes and the knights in shining armour!! It gives me immense happiness and fulfilment to help them cause someone has to !!

by Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Mind , body & Soul Doctor