Spiritual wellness provides a sense of purpose and connecting with inner self. Due to the pandemic, the world is crumpling down, and there is an uproar everywhere. From outside, people are struggling with the deadly Corona virus and within they are fighting with stress, depression and anxiety. Though these uncertain times shall pass, but the impact these stress and anxiety will be severe. People are experiencing quarantine and social distancing, working from home, losing a job, losing our livelihood, caring for sick family members, not able to visit parks and gyms, and being estranged from our community, this new normal is taking its toll on our health and well-being. With all these there’s another dimension of health that we need to consider. There are more facets to health than just our physical or emotional state, and these harsh times and stopping us to see beyond these facets. That other dimension also known as spiritual health that is a sense of purpose. We need to work towards strengthening our spiritual wellbeing

Below are some tips to help build your spiritual life:

  1. Don’t waste time, do something productive – This time we need not to waste time sitting idle. It is important that we utilize the time by doing something productive and to think about our lives and how we might do things differently. An idle mind could lead to anxiety and depression. Investing time in doing something can enhance your spiritual energy.
  • Try to live out a contented spiritual life – Pre-Covid our life was busy with multiple activities. We humans are social being by nature, so this time of social distancing is like a new phase for us. This time can be utilized by building the spiritual life and filling the void of loneliness. You need to focus at things that bring a sense of fulfilment and makes you happy. Don’t do activities for the sake of passing the time. Indulge in something that makes you happy.
  • Consider this time as an opportunity, not challenge – These are testing times filled with stress, anxiety. But one needs to be optimistic. Always see the glass half full than the other way round. Sometimes changes are meant for something good. Look at it in this way that changes are training us for the coming time so that we can be strong enough to fight back. Therefore always see the opportunities amidst challenges
  • Try to be good for someone – Small act of yours can matter a lot to someone. Every drop of water makes an ocean. If you can afford to donate some money please do it, maybe someone in need can benefit from it. Even a small gesture like helping people in looking out for oxygen or hospital bed means a lot to the person in need.
  • Stay focused on the spiritual disciples – We are all staying at home, juggling with various task, like household chores, professional life etc. Amidst this take some time to maintain your spiritual disciplines by doing prayers and meditation. Taking some time alone for meditation and praying will help you connect with the Almighty. There are so many people struggling to make the end meets. If you are sitting safe at home and managed to survive every passing day, then thank him for these blessings.

Blessed be

Madhu Kotiya

High Priestess at Shezaim Temple